Saturday, May 14, 2011

Unusual Chess Set

Since blogger went down, I had to redo some things I had written and done to my blog, so I didn't get much time to prepare for something too interesting.
Anyways, I'm gonna talk today about a chess set I recently bought from Amazon. I'm not really promoting it, although I have to admit it was pretty inexpensive and the pieces were big and relatively well-made compared to previous chess sets I've owned. What is particularly unique about this one though is one of its labels.
For some reason I've yet to fully comprehend, the makers of the box design included a diagonal sticker that says "Made without child labor", as if its a feature that is special enough to be announced in the front of the box. Seriously, anyone who buys anything nowadays (particularly from well-known places like Amazon) expects the product to NOT be made with child labor. This makes me wonder what happened that made the makers actually have to state that in the box. I don't know if the country it comes from is particularly recognized for child exploitation, or if the company was sued or reprimanded for participating in something like that, but the fact remains that for whatever reason, they did write that. I don't remember the exact country it came from, but I believe it was somewhere in Eastern Europe.
This was not something  hilarious or particularly interesting, so I promise next time I'll try to write about something better.


  1. Chess is for smart people...nothing for me :)

  2. Still haven't gotten a big post back from Bloggergate 2011, sad :(

  3. How sad is it that they feel the need to put that on the box... What ones are made with child labor?

  4. wow i never knew child labour was used to make chess sets :P
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