Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fredrik (band)

I thought I might start this blog by mentioning the thing I end with every night nowadays. Fredrik is the name of a Swedish bad I've had the pleasure of recently stumbling upon. I have listened to two of their albums, Na Na Ni (2008) and Trilogi (2010), and they have apparently released an EP called Origami (2010) and a third album last month called Flora (2011) both of which I haven't been able to get my hands on yet. The genres that probably categorize them are folk/experimental/electronica, and the feel I get from them is a soothing sound that is neither too calm that is boring, nor too chaotic that is bothersome.

The reason why I end my nights with them is that I've had trouble falling asleep recently, and their music seems to be perfect for that situation. This is not the only band that I listen to while trying to sleep, but the reason why I chose it is mostly because there is such variation in the sounds that they use in their songs (particularly the various musical instruments, but I can hear sometimes that they use other effects as well) that simply make me feel as if I'm slowly drifting into their songs the more I listen to them, and when I concentrate my mind in listening to the various sounds, it somehow makes me distract myself from other thoughts and eventually I unconsciously fall asleep with not much effort involved. I'm not saying this might work for everyone, but its something I do that helps with this problem. Anyways, it is not only music to fall asleep to as if it was boring, there is also a very original and artistic nature to their songs, and I've included a youtube video of a song called "Vinterbarn" from their second album Trilogi (2010), if anyone is interested in checking them out. 


  1. I've had terrible problems sleeping recently so I'll give this a go, sounds really nice.